Rust Removal from Classic Cars

EcoTek Dustless Blasting can remove paint or rust from classic cars without warping the metal of the vehicle or damaging the surrounding environment.  We use a combination of 100% recycled glass beads and water to blast away rust that has built up over years and years and paint from more than 60 years ago!  When we are finished blasting, classic cars are stripped down to their original metal.  We then apply a layer of Bondo rust inhibitor that enables you to wait up to three days before getting the car repainted.

Three projects we recently completed include:

•1957 Aston Martin

•1965 Ford Mustang

•1967 Ford Fairlane

rust-removal-classic-car-10  rust-removal-classic-car-2  rust-removal-classic-car-1

rust-removal-classic-car-9  rust-removal-classic-car-3  rust-removal-classic-car-5