Residential Dustless Blasting in Raleigh

EcoTek Residential Dustless Blasting Service can take care of any hard surface, inside or out, regardless of its size, in your Raleigh home. Everything from removing oil stains off your driveway to removing paint from a brick exterior can be done without damaging the hard surface or the environment.

EcoTek uses 100% recycled glass beads instead of sand or soda ash. Sand blasting can morph even brick and concrete leaving it permanently damaged. Soda ash can cause paint adhesion problems and can kill your grass and plants outside. Our 100% recycled glass beads will not damage any surface, including your lawn and garden.

Some residential dustless blasting services EcoTek provides are removing:

  • Rust or paint from patio furniture
  • Paint from a brick exterior
  • Graffiti
  • Oil stains in driveway or garage
  • Rust stains from any hard surface
  • Stain or paint from wooden decks

Call us today for a free estimate of your residential dustless blasting job or to find out more about our residential dustless blasting services in Raleigh.