Dustless Blasting Restoration

EcoTek dustless blasting restoration service can restore anything from an antique piece of furniture to a historic home in downtown Raleigh without damaging the surface or releasing potentially harmful airborne dust particles caused from sandblasting. EcoTek uses 100% recycled beads to blast away years of build-up, grime, paint or rust and can restore your antique back to its original condition. Our eco-friendly technique incorporates water into its technology eliminating airborne particles that other methods create. It is particularly important that these particles not be exposed when working with older materials as they are more apt to cause harm to the people around. Other techniques are known to warp the surface of the material, but the combination of recycled glass beads and water that EcoTek dustless blasting use will maintain the integrity of any surface.

Some dustless blasting restoration jobs include:antique-wash-tub

  • antique furniture
  • antique cars
  • historic houses
  • monuments
  • statues
  • cast iron
  • marble, brick, stone, cement
  • antique appliances
  • remove stain, seal or paint from wooden decks

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